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CrazyEmperor® is a Business Consultancy that specializes in:
1. Business Incubation
We help you in setting up your business venture, starting from idea to running & expanding.
2. Product Management
We help you build products (Websites, Mobile sites, Mobile Apps, Desktop web apps, AI/ML powered sites/apps, IOT, Robotics) & manage their end-to-end life-cycles.
3. Mentoring Entrepreneurs & Fostering Entrepreneurship
We conduct lectures & workshops, in colleges/schools/companies on 'Entrepreneurship' & 'Product management' topics.

Founded in 2006, we have 50+ proud success stories so far.
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Founder | CEO:
Saurabh Kautilya Gupta # With 11+ years of experience in Enrepreneuship, Product management, Business consulting, Program management, Operations management, Saurabh leads a team of 10+ business consultants & product managers/designers/developers.

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